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Basket Warranty Info

Your basket may have a life time warranty. Please see the video to find out.


Here is the link for Sears     Here is the link for Whirlpool

When you call make sure you have some time to spend on the call. Also you will need your model and serial number which is located on a sticker behind the door.

If your basket and spider have a lifetime warranty they will ship you one out. You may have to pay shipping, but not always.

If you get any resistance from the person you are talking to just make an excuse and hang up and call back and talk to someone else. Sometimes they say you have to have a tech come out but they are mostly reading from a script. Tell them you are doing the repair yourself and you need one shipped out. You just have to be firm. Your warranty does not say you have to have someone come out.

Let me know if you run into any stops.

I hope this helps you. Good Luck, Tom.




Video Transcript.

Hi guys!  Hey, I wanna show you how on some of the models that are out there, Whirlpool and Sears have a lifetime warranty on the basket n’ shaft, so I just  wanna show you how to research that and see if your model has that.  Cause, I know sometimes you guys get a damaged shaft or a damaged spider on the back.  So um, the fact that Whirlpool and Sears (most of the Sears machines are made by Whirlpool anyway) are such poor quality materials when they were built in those, I really want you guys to take advantage of this.  So here’s the Sears site right here.  So we’ll check up a Sears model number first, and the website is  There’s a link below this video.  So you go into this website, put in your model number, (like, really make sure the model number’s correct, It’s on a sticker behind the door on your washer), select model number, and click search!  Here we go.  Alright!  Now here, just to be helpful, you can see all the exploded drawings and click on them to get part numbers for everything in your machine, so that might help in the future.  I remember on aswell, I have 935 factory service manuals on there, so the chances that your front load washer’s factory service manual is on there is good.  That’s under a link.  Let’s have a look here, maybe I can just find that for you real quickly and then I’ll get krackin’ here so I don’t take up half of your day.  Sorry about this, I’m making a complete balls-up of it.  There we go.  I was tryin’ to click and it didn’t wanna do it.  So, service manuals, right here.  Click on service manuals.  Front load washers.  Alright, good.  So you got plenty there, they’re real easy to use.  Whirlpool’s are actually on the second page.  I might aswell just show this to you real quick, then we’ll get back to where we were.  Look, there’s a Whirlpool Duet.  You click on that and there’s the manual.  You can make it fullscreen and all that stuff.  You can’t print them.  As per the copyright of Whirlpool, I’m allowed to show them on the website, but I’m not allowed to show them in printable form.  So, that’s the reason for that.  You can find them on the internet and you can print them, but you’ve got them here aswell.  That’s that.  Let’s go back to where we were again.  Let’s go back to Sears, here.  So, you put in your model number, click on manuals, (now, not all the manuals are available, if you find your manual isn’t available you’re gonna have to contact Sears), you can either download the manual or you can just view it on the website.  Good, and there’s the manual for it.  Now you see, on page three is the warranty information.  And if you look here, “LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON STAINLESS STEEL DRUM.”  That includes the spider and the shaft.  And, also on this page, I have instructions on how to contact these guys and how to handle them when you do contact them and the phone numbers are over here for Sears.  So that was the Sears one, pretty straightforward.  Let’s go to Whirlpool now.  So, the url for this is and the link again is below this video on  So, we’ve put in our Whirlpool model number right here, and again make sure it is totally correct.  Any zeroes are zeroes.  They’re not the letter O, just so you know.  On any model numbers, the letter O isn’t used.  It’s always numerical so it’s always a zero.  So, click search and here we go.  We’ve got the owner’s manual and the warranty.  Let’s click on the warranty here.  This comes up as a pdf so you can download it if you want to.  You’ll see here again, “LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON STAINLESS STEEL WASH DRUM.”  And there’s the information for it.  So, one of the things you’re gonna find when you call them is that 9 times out of 10, they’re gonna say, “Well, we’re gonna have to send a technician out.”  If you read your warranty on both Sears and Whirlpool, it does not say you have to have a technician out.  The reason why they’re doing that is because they’re trying to offset their cost by sending out a technician and probably giving you a three hundred dollar labor charge.  You know, they’re just trying to offset their cost there.  What will happen if you just follow what I’ve put below the video here, it can take a little bit of persistence but they will ship you one out and very often you don’t even have to pay the rate on it so you get it 100% free.  And there you go!  So, if you have any questions or whatever, you can contact me through the website and I’m happy to answer.  Have a brilliant day and here’s to clean socks!  Cheers.  Bye!

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